Symen Hoogesteger is a Dutch film director.

‘Telling stories has always been my passion and since a young age, I’ve always been writing them. Accompanied by a small VHS camera and plenty of creative energy, I began to turn these stories into short films. To this day, these experiences remain a strong influence within me. I’m always keen to look for the story behind people. Everyone has a story and every story has two sides. 

My films are defined by their sincerity. A poetic mix between documentary and dynamic visual style. Authentic stories regarding humans in relatable situations. Often, they portray people trying to find connections with the like-minded. 

For me, a good film excels when you feel with characters, when you are aesthetically intrigued, and when you experience something you can relate to.’

Worked with clients as: Universal Music, Nespresso, TomTom, Vodafone Ziggo, Hillrom, Concertgebouw, Rijksoverheid, NS, Politie and many more

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