Symen Hoogesteger is a Dutch film director & photographer from Rotterdam

'Telling stories has always been my passion, and from a young age, I immersed myself in writing, always keeping my eye open for new narratives. Whether I was capturing moments through photography or crafting short films with my brother and friends, these experiences continue to strongly influence me to this day. I am intrigued by people, their passions, and the stories that move them. Through my work, I aim to delve into their lives.

Whether in film or photography, my work strives to capture reality, presenting a poetic fusion of documentary and cinematic visual style. It's all about evoking emotions and fostering connections among humans. The audience should recognize themselves in the story, feel connected to the characters, and sense the message within their hearts.

Creating good art is a collaborative effort. With a great crew, we excel in establishing a pleasant atmosphere where everyone can be themselves. Only in this way can we create genuinely authentic films.'

Worked with clients as:
BMW, Universal Music, Nespresso, TomTom, Vodafone Ziggo, KPN, Hillrom, TU Delft, Rijksoverheid, NS, Politie and many more

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